My story, my passion

Twelve and a half years ago I quit my "real" job and started working with my husband, Jake, and his dad, Louie. I love going in to work every day with Jake, having our own business, setting our hours, having our kids see us successfully working side by side and experiencing the ins and outs of how a business runs.

Yet there has always been a desire fueling in me to do something that's just mine. Call it an entrepreneurial spirit, maybe? In fact, I've been writing about it in my journal for more than a decade and dreaming about it since college. (Seriously, what took me so long?) 

Anyway, finally. FINALLY. I have created a business in which I host workshops for women, write a blog, speak to groups and am writing a book about All The Things. And who knows, maybe there's more on the horizon!

I will mess up. I will annoy people and maybe even make some mad. I might embarrass my family. And I certainly will fail at times. But I will also show my kids that if you have a dream and you want something bad enough, you make a plan and go for it. If something burns inside of you for YEARS, that right there, that’s called passion. Or, perhaps, God telling you who he created you to be.

I love speaking to groups,; educating and inspiring them to live a better life each day.  Through my storytelling I will make you laugh, maybe cry and leave you with real tools you can use in your every day life to be more intentional, more happy and less stressed about finding the perfect "balance" of life.    

I'm SO excited to be talking to groups of people about All The Things and can't wait to share my story, my passion, my research, my experiences with you too!