Stephanie Lauritsen, CFP®

Teaching about money.  Speaking about life. 

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Teaching about money.


One of the biggest stressors in everyday life is money.  Based on her own research, Stephanie knows people are hungry for information.  To feel educated about their money and investments and inspired to take their finances to the next level.  She has more than a decade of experience in the finance industry and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.  She can teach your audience, give them confidence and help them to feel in control of their financial future. 


Foundations of Personal Finance

Investing 101 - the basics and then some...

Retirement Planning - Why & How

"I left feeling like I was finally able to step back, take a breath, assess my finances, then create a plan that I could tackle piece by piece rather than feeling overwhelmed when looking at it as a whole." - Jalissa H.

Speaking about life.


Stephanie will share her personal journey that will resonate with both women and men.   Through storytelling, she will describe her challenges with managing the many roles we have, trying to find time for ourselves when we are constantly giving to others, attempting to balance, work, life, parenting, friends, etc.  Then, she'll teach you what she learned along the way.  Things we know we should do, but often don't, including ways to live a better, more intentional life without the pressure of balance.  She'll share stories, make you laugh, maybe cry and fill you with inspiration.   And you'll love her one-liners that are helpful when we find ourselves lost in the chaos of life.


30 Minute Inspirational

60 Minute Workshop Style


 "She was the perfect addition to our Health and Wellness Expo!”   

- Aimee I., Leighton Broadcasting 

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