Steph Lauritsen, CFP®

Teaching about money.  Speaking about life.

"WOW…Stephanie was great! Honest, funny, educational, motivating and real! She does a great job of capturing the attention of the audience, keeping them engaged and leaving them with the desire to make positive lifestyle changes. We will definitely invite her back. She was the perfect addition to our 

Health and Wellness Expo!” 

- Aimee I., Leighton Broadcasting

Employer Workshops - Keynote Speaker - Women's Groups


Teaching about money. Speaking about life.

Our money affects how we live and how we live affects our money.  

According to research MONEY is the #1 cause of stress in America.  

Stephanie teaches everyday people how to get a handle on their money.  She’ll explain simple steps and provide easy to use resources, all while adding in some humor and vulnerability from her own experiences.  She will educate and inspire your group to control their money, rather than let it control them.   If you want to provide wellness, financial wellness is the place to start.  

"I left feeling like I was finally able to step back, take a breath, assess my finances, then create a plan that I could tackle piece by piece rather than feeling overwhelmed when looking at it as a whole." - Jalissa H.

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