" I wanted to reach out and tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation. It was so relatable and hit home in a lot of different ways, and I really appreciated the element of humor and realness you brought."

- Carrie M.

"I have heard many speakers and attended many different workshops for self-care and spiritual direction, but none of the words shared at those conferences have stayed with me the way Steph’s have.  She presents ideas that are so spiritually profound, but entirely down-to-earth and accessible, that you can’t help but carry them with you. She has an incredible gift for uplifting the soul, while nourishing and encouraging our hearts. I loved everything she said! I sincerely hope we can invite her to speak again soon, and I’ll be the first one to buy her book when she writes one! (which I hope she will!)."

– Pastor Megan Casper, Associate Pastor at Lutheran Church of the Cross, West Fargo, ND  

"WOW…Stephanie was great! Honest, funny, educational, motivating and real! She does a great job of capturing the attention of the audience, keeping them engaged and leaving them with the desire to make positive lifestyle changes. We will definitely invite her back. She was the perfect addition to our Health and Wellness Expo!” 

- Aimee I., Leighton Broadcasting

"I enjoy reading her blog posts and articles – sometimes they make me cry, laugh, give, make a change, etc. She is REAL and we need that these days.  We were lucky enough to have her speak at our annual conference this week - I’m making it a point to “remember this moment” more! ❤️ Thank you for your inspiration Steph!" 

- Kim R., Insure Forward.

 "Steph is GREAT at providing practical, functional tips for improved financial health and overall life organization!  Many times, since attending her financial workshop, have I thought about some of her points:  saying yes to something means saying no to something else and buying something on sale doesn't mean you're saving money, you're still spending it.  So true!   Remembering these simple points have allowed me to act differently than I would have previously.  Also, I appreciate Steph's tips for financial organization in case something happens to myself or my husband- I have put many of them to good use!  And I love the multiple ways Steph reaches her audience in addition to workshops and speaking events, including social media posts and live messages.  It's nice to spend only a few minutes learning something new or getting inspired.  Thank you Steph!"

- Andrea M.

"Steph is an incredibly relatable speaker.  She talked about her experiences when she was younger, many of which rang true for me.  She gave simple tips and ideas that are easy to incorporate into everyday life."

- Ashley B.

" Thank you, Stephanie for Friday night.  It was inspirational and opened my eyes to many things bothering me.  I attended this with my sister and she surprised me Saturday with a journal and I’ve been writing every day since.  It helps to put on paper my worries and also my successes.  God Bless."

- Sherri N. 

 "I attended the first finance workshop  Steph hosted and left it feeling like I was finally able to step back, take a breath, assess my finances, then create a plan that I could tackle piece by piece rather than feeling overwhelmed when looking at it as a whole. One of the things that really stuck with me is that you’re not really saving money by buying something you don’t need when it’s on sale. When I see something on sale now, I pause to think about if I really need it or not. If I do, I put the money I saved towards my debt rather than mindlessly spending it on something else - something I’ve never even thought about before hearing Steph speak! She has a special way of connecting with you by sharing both of her own failures and successes and I think that’s what makes her so relatable!"

- Jalissa H.